Keep Your Shoreline Intact

Schedule Seawall installation services in Osage Beach, MO and surrounding areas.

We provide Seawall installation services in Osage Beach, MO and around the Lake Area. Drawing on years of experience, our team will take care of your project as well as the permitting process behind the scenes.

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Is your seawall failing?

If your seawall is over 50 years old or showing signs of damage, it's time to call Lake of the Ozarks Rip Rap & Barge. Three warning signs of damage are...

1. Bowing
2. Eroding
3. Cracking

If any of these signs sound familiar, get in touch with our seawall builders today. We'll take care of your new seawall installation safely and promptly.

What can we build for you?

Concrete seawalls help keep storm surges and waves from increasing erosion and damaging the shoreline. They're an important part of preserving our shoreline - but not all we can construct. We can also build concrete piers and block walls. Concrete piers are columns or piles that provide structural support. Block walls are a form of seawall that work well in areas with frequent or heavy waves. They're extremely durable and require little maintenance. You can also hire us to handle concrete pockets, or cavities caused by missing cement paste or stone.

No matter the project, you can trust us to do the job right. Get in touch with us now to build concrete sea walls and more in Osage Beach, MO and surrounding areas.