Protect Your Shoreline From Erosion

Ask us about our shoreline erosion control services in Osage Beach, MO and surrounding areas.

Erosion poses a major danger to waterfront properties. Thankfully, Lake of the Ozarks Rip Rap & Barge offers expert solutions. Reach out to us for Rip Rap services in Osage Beach, Lake of the Ozarks, MO and surrounding areas. We can install your Rip Rap around Concrete Piers and Seawalls to maintain your existing structure.

You can rely on us to obtain the necessary permits for your installation. Contact us today to arrange for your shoreline erosion control services.

The benefits of installing Rip Rap

Don't hesitate to reach out to Lake of the Ozarks Rip Rap & Barge for a Rip Rap installation. We're proud to provide shoreline erosion control services to Osage Beach, MO and the surrounding areas.

Rip Rap...

  • Encourages soil settling
  • Decreases water velocity
  • Protects slopes from erosion
Feel free to use our free estimates to plan. You can claim yours by calling 573-552-7660.

Here's some more information about erosion control

Want to know more about how Rip Raps work? Some things to know are...

  • Rip Raps are built out of large rocks that are stacked together on a sloped shoreline. This stacking can help with erosion control.
  • Rip Raps use their natural slope to absorb energy from waves, while bulkhead rock and Seawalls prevent energy absorption.
  • Rip Raps are made of concrete and stone but are referred to as a soft erosion control method.
We'll go above and beyond to install a Rip Rap that will protect your waterfront property from erosion for years to come.

Reach out to Lake of the Ozarks Rip Rap & Barge today to arrange for erosion control services in Lake of the Ozarks, MO and surrounding areas.

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